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47 thoughts on “Feedback

  1. murugan.r.p says:

    You have done a good job.very proud of you since your have exposed our native place through web to the world viewers.probably you have covered most details.but it would be best the better if you provide the details in depth. for example phone nos. of hotels and travels so that it can help the tourist .you can also highlight sabarimala and founder of cumbum who have brought the periyar dam project during British rule .pls try to change the wordpress logo on the address bar and organize a forum in the same blog so that the orkut & facebook users share their ideas,photos&videos about cumbum.

    may i know about you

    congrats & wishes

  2. Ponkumar says:

    Hi Kumareshbabu,
    You have done a really good job. The site is very informative too. Can you add some of the photos and festival celebrated in Cumbm and near by places.

    Thank you,

  3. Praveen says:

    Nice work sir…I am really happy to see my native place…
    I’m a student doing my studies in chennai and so i miss my town very much..But now i can see my town any where any time..

    Lot of Thanks for your work…

    Keep the work going…

  4. K.Rajan says:

    hai admin,

    Your are doing very good job and list out all advandatages in our areas.


    Keep it up..

    We are also try to kelp it out any time and any position…

    Keep in touch.

    Chinna ovelapuram.(pusari gowdan patti).

  5. Investatron 5000 says:

    I truely enjoyed cumbum, It was bit messy at first but after a clean i was ready for another visit.


    I am happy to have a detailed inforamton about Cumbum. Nice job, add more information about business opportunites available tehre.


  7. Rory O'Simpson says:

    As a born and bred Irishman I’d like to ask what the craic in Cumbum us like? Does the craic in Cumbum run deep? Given the climate I’d imagine that the craic in Cumbum must be sticky? Although obviously it would be fresher during the rainy season, when a nice golden shower clears the sticky craic of Cumbum. I can’t wait to visit, I can assure you my Irish brown eye will be winking in the middle of the sticky craic of Cumbum. Rory O’Simpson, County Jubby, Ireland.

  8. Vinayaga sundaram(RKS Murugesan) says:

    First i thank for your worthful and wonderful effort,i really appreciate this website.This is my request you must include more details about our home down,such as more photos,videos,current events,contact details abt spritual places,travels and brief description abt education institutes,temple histroy etc,i really very proud when i saw this website once again i thank for your valuable effort

    • kmurugeshbabu says:

      Thank you Sundaram….I have the plan to add more details about our home town…but i dont have time to collect the info..
      so far i have collected few details..which will be added soon in the website…

      Please share if you have any photos or details about our hometown.


  9. Chandru-pudupatty says:

    Nice Website.Need timely updates to keep the site live and Intersting.
    Like daily temperature,rainfall,upcoming events,tourist attraction eg:Jallikattu,Rekala Race,Veerapandi festival etc.
    On the whole good work


    • kmurugeshbabu says:

      Hi Chandru,

      Thank you for your comments…i will try to make the site more active in future….


  10. Raam Thy says:

    It’s Awesome. I really proud of you and you work, and then add some green valley Images, like Hills, Falls, Rivers, Temples and etc. And plz update the Knowledgeable data’s and information for our cumbum people. I am waiting for ur Response.

  11. GIRI says:


    Dear Administrative members of this site., Really u r all doing a great job. While searching about my native place in website., reallly i am geting a lot of unknown informations through your windows.,

    please continue your job and update frequently………

    With Wellfishes………Giri…Citizen of Cumbum

  12. GAP.ELA says:

    To SAS:


    FRONT PAGE: Stating that TN is not willing to talk.

    TN link: No mater

    KL link: Tells they are in calling for peace


    Front Page: Talking only abt KL

    TN: No matter

    KL: see this.. important


    Front Page: no matter


    See how badly they described

    KL: no matter


    Front Page

    KL Link: Removed by the editor.. This Link explained how KL is in Fear


    Front Page:

    Explains clearly regarding KL ‘s steadyness

    See the official anouncement of petition decliend .. Can you find any official word on pettition declined

    TN Link: See this.. how badly described

    KL Link : No matter.. regarding the pettion declined..


    Front Page:
    Says only KL houses are broken by TN

    KL Link: See picture shows how they are protecting people in KL Border


    Front Page Says.. People are threaten not injured. How the culprits spreading the News.. Also Cumbum bacame into peace..

    KL Link: Says they procured vegetables from TN.. How it is happening

    Ultimate Link: Spcified that Iduki Tamilians attacked KL People

    This link Doesn’t mention that KL people attacked

    “This is the first such incident since I came here six decades ago. People are still afraid to go out of their houses fearing further attacks,” said Ms. Kunjomol holding her grandchild.

    TN Link:
    See this link.. Every word Says People are against KL gvnt
    Even though they specifed the about human chain.

    i never seen any word in KL news that says KL people are against TN wish.

    Every word predict that we are against them and they are in fear.

    Editor Please make Sure that you are deleting this comment once S A S read this.

  13. siva says:

    hi admin.. its siva… here i would like to suggest something.. there r many people who seeks to know more about cumbum… they r in social networks like facebook, twitter and so on.. if you do more promotions about this page, then it will lead to raise the traffic of this site. let everyone to know about cumbum (god owned city). and i thank u for build such a wonderful site. keep on updating…

    • kmurugeshbabu says:

      Hi Siva,

      I am trying my best to update details in social networks …. im running facebook page, Facebook group, twitter and youtube channel….but still the followers are not inviting their cumbum friends to the network…but i am trying my best…i am running this website for past 4 years….if the interested peoples share their info/photos about our native…i am ready to update…i will keep update things in this website…anyway thank you for your valuable comments….

      • siva says:

        thanks for your reply sir. let us work together to promote this website… i’m just gonna make my friends to know about this wonderful website via my blog as well as through my facebook.

  14. Naveen Kumar says:

    hi bro!!! this website is looking nice…i think u r using wordpress.. use some design template as like we had before….this looks simple,thats why..hope u consider my suggestion!!!!

  15. RJB says:

    Hello Cumbum Admin,

    Awesome job.
    Awaiting to see more images of pongal celebrations/posters/Mattu vandi race/ballon shops/butter milk corner etc.
    I appreciate, you put lot of effort to showcase all these information. Keep going!!!
    Thank you.

  16. Kamalakkannan says:

    Great Job.

    Update each and every columns like newly opened banks, petrol stations,hospitals, Industries etc., with contact details.Also update daily and weekly news in main page about cumbum.


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